Warning signs of skin cancer

Skin cancer refers to a cancer that starts out through an uncontrollable growth of skin cells. It starts out when an unrepaired DNA damaged the skin and begins a serious mutation. This is often caused by too much exposure from UV rays or bad use of tanning beds. These can be new growths or precancerous lesions or those growths that have a tendency to become cancerous in the future. Visiting a doctor and getting consulted is the best way to be sure if the things that you see in your body are cancerous. Here’s a rundown of the warning signs of skin cancer that you should be aware.


Know what you are looking for

Of course, you need to be sure of what you are looking for. Melanoma cancer and other types of skin cancer starts out as new moles or growths that you randomly see in your body. Some moles start out in the earlier years of an individual’s life. If new moles are starting to grow, it’s a true sign of alarm and should be seen by a doctor.

Take a closer look

You have to take note of the changes that are happening in the new growths or miles that are appearing in your body. Here’s a list of changes that you should monitor:

  • Border – If the shape of the growth or mole looks irregular or takes on a funny shape, then this can be cancerous. Visit a doctor immediately.
  • Color – If the mole has a different color from other moles in your body, then this can be a cancerous growth.
  • Asymmetry – Another sign of skin cancer is when the growth or mole doesn’t look like its other half or it doesn’t look equal to one another.
  • Size – When the growth or mole is larger than 6 millimetres across (about ¼ inch – the size of a pencil eraser) it can become a cause for a huge alarm. But be cautious about this because some melanoma are smaller than other growth or moles.
  • Always evolving – Another sure sign is when the growth or the mole always change size and color.
  • A spread pigment – If there’s a bump or a spread of pigment from the very center of the wound. If there’s also a redness surrounding the growth then you should let a doctor see it.

Sores that don’t heal

If you have a wound or a sore that did not heal for a long time then it can be a warning sign of something more serious.

There’s a bit of pain

See if there’s any soreness in the growth or mole. If there’s a certain tenderness or pain in the mole and it’s not going anywhere then consult a doctor.

There’s a bump

It’s a classic way to say if there’s something abnormal in our body. Bumps are the best way to see if anything is cancerous. If there’s a bump in your newly sprouted growth or mole then it’s time to pay a visit to the doctor.

If skin cancer curable?

Time is your enemy when dealing with skin cancer. The earlier you spot a melanoma the easier it is to cure it. But if you did not take a simple bump or growth seriously and it continually spread throughout your whole body then it can be harder to cure. If you already see something weird or wrong in your skin then don’t hesitate to go to your trusted and resident doctor and have it examined. Always be aware and keen on what is happening to your body before it becomes too late.

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