Strange Reasons On Why People Touch Pregnant Bellies

It is on anticipated lines that your body witnesses a lot of changes when you become pregnant. You may develop a feeling of nausea, gain weight or feel tired. All these are on the expected lines. But something that might surprise you is totally unexpected people walk up to you and start rubbing pregnant bellies? Never in your wildest dreams did you expect such a situation to arise.

Your family, friends or relatives may think and touching your pregnant belly. You may be ok depending upon how you feel at that particular point of time. Sometimes if your mood is bad you might not even be ok with your husband touching pregnant belly. If someone asks you in a polite manner you can allow them to touch your pregnant belly. But when strangers walk up and touch your pregnant belly it might seem to be that personal space or respect is something that is no longer seen in the world.

When They Rub Your Belly, Do They Expect The Baby To Come Out From Like A Cloud Of Smoke In The Form Of A Genie?

There is no one who would walk up to a lady and think of touching her breast. But sadly the concept of touching pregnant belly is widespread. The little ones or the elderly people may like to do it and this seems ok as long as the baby moves. The feeling is that they really want to feel movement of the baby inside you. One of the problems is that when a pregnant woman complains about the unwanted touching it is termed as she is hormonal or over sensitive. Do not get into the trap. In people touching pregnant belly you have all the right to say a firm no.

Some women may have had luck in touching back. If someone puts a hand on the abdomen of a lady, what would happen if you touch back and ask the person on how it feels? There are others who have gone on to touch humour prone T shirts.

There is no one who can touch you if you do not want it that way. There is no need to yell or be rude to anyone. In a sweet way you can tell others if it really bothers you. This same policy applies for anyone who is laying their hand on you, be it your aunt or a stranger who is standing in a super market line.

If the tone is polite you can even allow someone to touch your pregnant belly. The decision is with you after all it happens to be your body. If it happens to be your friend you can say no and there is no need to provide them with any explanation. But whoever happens to be the person you have all the liberty in the world to so.

The unwanted touching of a belly button is a cause of concern that laws have been passed for supressing it.

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