Why Rolfing is the new Fitness Trend you need try

It seems there’s a new fitness trend as week goes by doesn’t it? Only recently it seems Paleo, Crossfit, High Intensity Training etc. are all the latest craze in health, fitness and wellbeing – and now there’s something called Rolfing?

Whilst it may sound more crazy than fitness, Rolfing actually is the newest fitness trend an it indeed deliver many benefits, so here’s a few tips why you should try it.

What is Rolfing?

Rolfing massage is a method of deep tissue manipulation to release tension and realign the body, this improving wellbeing and functioning.

Rolfing was devoted by an American biochemist, Dr Ida Rolf, who realised the body’s connective issues should be dealt with holistically rather than as separate parts.

Rather than consider a health problem or symptom in isolation, ‘Rolfers’ will consider the body holistically and look to optimise the deep structures of the body via gravity and alignment.


Isn’t Rolfing just a different name for a massage?

Whereas massage works directly on muscles, Rolfing works with the network of tissues (fascia) to release tension, balance the body and realign the posture.

Massage tends to be more specifically focussed on only one area of the body, and the muscles are manipulated directly for temporary relief due to being strained or over-tired.

Benefits of Rolfing

Rolfing has been proven to beneficial across a wide range of health and fitness issues, not least :-

  • alleviating pain
  • unease in the body
  • reducing discomfort

Who can Rolfing help?

Whilst almost anybody can benefit from Rolfing, it’s proven to a particularly effective treatment for :-

  • people in physically demanding work, especially involving unilateral strain or repetitive motion
  • Athletes, actors, musicians, gym goers, Yoga/Pilates/Martial Arts practitioners
  • patients with history of chronic postural misalignment
  • people struggling with ease of movement
  • those involved with bodily injury, accidents or trauma

Why you should try Rolfing now

As the concept of Rolfing is only relatively new to the UK, and there are only a few qualified Golfers around, you can be reassured that any Rolfing will only be undertaken by the very best practitioners.

Several of the qualified Rolfers are also Personal Trainers and Coaches, so they fully understand your fitness, health and wellbeing goals and can also advise on this as part of your treatment,

As with any new treatment, it pays to get to to see the best practitioners as soon as possible, before all the rogues ‘jump on the bandwagon’. Your health is important, as is ensuring that you get to see only best, most Qualified Rolfing practitioners available today.

What is especially beneficial to Rolfing is the ‘recipe’ or ‘ten steps’, as the treatment is seen as a development framework to improve the whole body, rather than isolated treatment of only one body part.

Previous to Rolfing, patients in discomfort visited massage therapists, physiotherapists or osteopaths and only temporary relief was obtained, rather than holistic healing. Even worse, underlying symptoms were occasionally missed, whereas with Rolfing the entire body is treated and improved.

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