Role Of Ecommerce Website Hosting UK In Success Of Online Retailing

Ever wondered what makes ecommerce website hosting UK so successful? Lets take some of the facts first. These facts will put in right perspective the internet and web hosting industry of UK in general and ecommerce industry of United Kingdom (UK) in particular. After this, we will be able to better understand the reasons for phenomenal growth of ecommerce website hosting in this country. To begin with, let us first acknowledge the fact that Europe, as a continent, has the highest internet penetration rate of about 75 percent in 2014 as compared to other continents of the world (ref: ). Out of these, UK itself has an internet penetration rate of about 82 percent, which is lower than that of many other European nations. However, despite not performing better than in this metrics with other major nations such as France, the ecommerce sales in UK in terms of amount spent is far more than any other country of the world. As per the famous digital marketing research firm eMarketer, the B2C sales in UK were GBP 1000 per year in 2012 which meant that the Brits are spending more on e-retailing than even the leading digital online retail markets like USA, South Korea or Germany. As many a 80 percent of internet users shop online in UK. These are pointers to the fact that ecommerce ventures are more likely to be successful here and that is also the reason for increasing numbers of ecommerce portals and the demand for ecommerce website hosting UK.

So, what is it that makes UK a leading spender even though it is not having comparable consumer populations of countries such as USA or Japan or China? Besides providing top class ecommerce website hosting UK platform for all types of online ventures that is highly scalable and flexible, there is a greater enabling environment. Many big online retailing giants such as Amazon are benefited from the fact that UK has English speaking population which makes it easier to set up base and provide world class solutions to people of UK. This makes working in UK a lot more easier than in other countries. This also puts other European countries at a disadvantage in respect of online retailing. A study point to the fact that as much as one-third of the UK-EU online trade is conducted through the UK ecommerce ventures. This clearly shows that UK retains the advantage of providing infrastructural support and facilitatory governmental policies for established and new etailers.

Ecommerce website hosting UK does not help only the big players. This also has the potential to change the fortunes of small and mid-size companies that have products to sell in UK. As much as 40 percent of sale was recorded  for companies having less than 250 employees. This means that the enviroment is quite conducive for registering a success with the internet-based sales.

Presence of robust payment portals which enable totally secure transactions in multiple currencies and using different modes of payment is another important factor that has led to increased confidence among users for making  online purchases. While credit cards account for about 40 percent of all online payments, debit cards account for 35 percent sales and PayPal for about 20 percent. This also gives due credit to ecommerce website hosting UK providers who use latest means to thwart any kind of payments-related issues from cropping.

Internet and smart phones are inseperable. Smartphone penetration rate is one of the highest in UK and it stood at 70 percent in 2013. Out of all the online sales, one-third were done using these smartphones. This highlights the fact that mobiles increasing being used for making purchases and there is a need for companies to develop mobile-friendly websites for convenient user interaction. This also requires proper hosting support.

Another factor which has led to growth of online retail and helped in making many success stories, is the low cost delivery mechanism. Distances travelled for delivery are less in case of UK or even within Europe as compared with those of USA. The use of massive postal network for this purpose has also led to providing low cost delivery options to e-retailers.

Since UK is a leading player in ecommerce not just in Europe but also globally, ecommerce website hosting UK providers ensure that the there are plans available for all types of ventures.  From the most common shared hosting to the latest cloud hosting environments, from the option of deploying it for public, private or both purposes to using the combination of content delivery network along with cloud computing, there are many options and plans for clients to choose from. With one of the most conducive environments for ecommerce website hosting UK, customers can expect to receive the best of any type of services, be it Shared, VPS, Dedicated or Cloud.

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