Make Your Body Wash On Your Own

One needs to pick the right body wash for them so that their skin should not feel irritated after using it.

It is a good idea to not use too many chemicals when it comes to skin care. So one can make body washes at home. Men’s organic body wash is also a good idea to have a relaxing bath experience.

156283Honey Body Wash

Now you can make your skin look fresh and squeaky clean just by using 4 ingredients. Honey is definitely one of them. It is a kind of natural moisturiser which helps one to soothe their skin and at the same time nourishes it properly. To make this body wash at home, one needs half a cup of liquid and unscented castile soap, one fourth cup of raw honey, one fourth cup of melted coconut oil o melted sweet almond oil, 10 to 15 drops of any essential oil and a tea spoon of vitamin E. Firstly, one needs to put the honey and the oil in a bowl along with the essential oil and blend it very well. Then add some vitamin oil to blend it more. After that, add some castile soap and stir gently so that no suds are formed. Finally pour into the pump water and make it ready for use.

Oatmeal and Lavender Body Wash

Oatmeal has saponin which is one of the most powerful natural cleansing ingredients. If one uses its infused water then it can give them a spa like experience. The lavender essential oil not only smells great but also tones and revitalizes the skin. Take 3 cups of water, one fourth cup of rolled oatmeal, 2 tea spoons of jojoba or avocado oil, one tea spoon of vitamin E, and some drops of lavender essential oil. First, place the oatmeal in the glass bowl and then pour some boiling water over oatmeal. Keep them covered for 2 to 3 hours. Then strain the mixture to get the oatmeal infused water. Now take a large bowl and mix all the oils including the essential ones. Then add the oatmeal infused water into it and whisk it till it is blended properly. Now add the castile soap and stir gently. When this is done, it is ready for use.

Neem Body Wash

Neem has a lot of anti microbial and anti bacterial properties which work really well on acne and pimple breakouts. To make this body wash at home, one needs 6 cups of distilled water, half a bar of shea butter, 10 drops of neem leaf extract, half a cup of coconut oil, a table spoon of bentonite clay and 15 drops of essential oil. First, roughly chop the soap bar and blend well to make a fine powder. Then put the soap powder and distilled water in a pot and heat it so that the soap melts. In a separate bowl, make thick slurry of bentonite clay with some cold water. Add the clay slowly and stir well till everything has blended well. Then remove it from the flame, let it cool down and use it well.

One can also use best hibiscus oil to make boy washes.

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