The Main Reasons Doctors Consider a Colonoscopy

Of the 136,860 people currently diagnosed with colon cancer, a staggering 50,310 will die from the disease. In fact, the survival rate for those unfortunate enough to catch the disease in the latter stages is only 12% during the first five years. It might then surprise you to learn that a large majority of people fail to schedule colonoscopies that could very well save their lives after the age of 50.

Although highly aggressive in the later stages, there are more than a few signs that you can catch early to help prevent the progression of the disease. Symptoms of cancer may include rectal bleeding, intense or chronic stomach pain, body weakness, sudden weight loss, and a low number of red blood cells. If you have any of these symptoms already, it cannot hurt to contact your Singaporean physician to ask about getting a colonoscopy done.



Colon cancer and other conditions of the stomach are 100% preventable if you have yourself examined at the right points in your life. A stomach screening colonoscopy in Singapore could very well catch the signs of a life-threatening condition or disease long before you are too far advanced for quick treatment. This alone should be reason enough for you to have this type of testing performed, especially if you are past the age of 50.

When you have breast cancer, all cells are cancerous and should be attacked with a number of intense treatment options. However, colon cancer could start with hybrid cells known as polyps that can be easily removed before they become something worse and potentially deadly. By getting testing done at the first sign of symptoms or after a certain age, it will help to prevent the disease from spreading or growing worse and keep you healthy for many additional years.

Early Detection

Behind lung cancer, colon cancer is one of the biggest causes of cancer-related death in the world but it is highly survivable if caught in the early stages. When found in the early stage, 90% of patients enjoy a five-year survival rate while the survival rate for regional stage cancer is 70%. Compared to the 12% rate associated with advanced colon cancer, this is a significant reason to have yourself tested both for this condition and others.

You Deserve it

You worked hard to reach the age of 50 and you deserve to enjoy as many more years of healthy life as you move into retirement. An annual colonoscopy could very well save your life and allow you access to those years, whereas choosing not to undergo the procedure could lead to the late detection of the disease. Other stomach and colon conditions may also be found and diagnosed using a colonoscopy, making it all the more crucial that you do what you can for yourself and your loved ones.

Due to the high preventability of colon-related conditions and diseases, you have no excuse to turn down the suggestion of a colonoscopy. Some choose to avoid it due to worry about discomfort but any small discomfort now is worth saving years of your life later on. In addition, advances in anaesthesia have made it possible for you to have this done with minimal to no discomfort at all.

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