Life – During and after transplant of the patient

Being ill is scary, and the procedures that you have to go through are even more terrifying. A patient is clueless most of the time to know what is happening with him/her, what procedures they are going through, and how much it is going to cost. It is good for the patients to know a basic idea about their illness. This will help them to be prepared for the procedures and will know what to expect. One such procedure is the bone marrow transplant that the patients are scared about.

Here’s what everything you need to know about this illness.

What is a bone marrow transplant?

It is a procedure that replaces your damaged bone marrow with healthy stem cells. These stem cells will help in producing new blood cells and will promote the growth of new marrow.

Why may you need this procedure?

This procedure is performed when a person’s marrow in unhealthy and is unable to function properly. The reason for being unhealthy can be cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiations that affect the stem cells and damage the bone marrow, chronic infections, etc.

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Bone Marrow Transplant procedure:

This procedure is long and is a complicated procedure. Below are the certain steps that are followed for this procedure.

  • Tests and Examinations: The doctors will run fewer tests to assess your general level of health. This will help the doctors to make sure you are healthy enough for the procedure to be carried out. Few of the tests might include X- Ray, CT scan, ECG, blood test, etc. If the patient has cancer, then a biopsy is done to analyse the cancer cells.
  • Stem Cells Harvesting: This procedure is done to obtain new healthy stem cells. This can be taken from your own body or a donor. The stem cell harvesting takes place either from the blood or the bone marrow or from the cord blood. The procedure to remove stem cells from the blood is by temporarily removing blood from the body, separating the stem cells from the blood and then returning the blood to the body. The alternate method to this is to remove a bone marrow sample. This is done by using a needle or syringe in your hip area.
  • Conditioning treatment: Certain treatment and medication are given to the patient to prepare the body for the transplant. The medication and the treatments can go about for a week. Some of the treatment includes are chemotherapy and radiation. The doctor will be explaining all this to the patient and will inform about the pros and cons before going ahead with any of the procedures.
  • Transplant Procedure: This is where the new stem cells will be passed into the body. The stem cells will slowly enter the body through the central line. This method is usually carried out two days after the conditioning has finished. This procedure takes a couple of hours.
  • Recovery: Once the procedure is done, doctors will advise the patient to stay in the hospital for a few weeks for the stem cells settle in your body completely. The doctors will constantly keep a check on the patient and analyse the improvement. Certain medications will be given that is to be taken to prevent the body from infections and to make sure the stem cells function properly.

Other factors to be considered during this procedure:

Now let’s deal with the mental and emotional aspect of the patient. This procedure indeed is a complicated one, and it is scary. The patient will require all the emotional and mental support. The best thing to do during this time is to make sure you have your friends and family around who will be there to support and motivate you. The patient can have a counsellor just to get an additional support that will help the patient to not go into depression.

The other important and a worrying aspect is the cost. The bone marrow transplant cost in India is cheaper compared to the other international countries. It is better to know the average cost estimate before you discuss with the doctors.

Even the doctors will suggest you different ways in which the payment can be made and will help you to get the best cost by suggesting various options.There are a lot of websites online that will help you to give a quote. By browsing through these websites, you can know the cost of bone marrow transplant in India by doing research online.

Hope this information helps you to get a basic idea about this procedure and will help you to ask relevant questions to your doctor. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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