Interested in the Hospitality Industry? Read This!

Higher education provides the society with professionals who can take over business processes and bring progress to the nation. One of the sectors of commerce is hospitality. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, tourism agencies, guest houses and spas fall into this category. We all go to these locations in search of sustenance or relaxation. While there, we experience agreeable staff and gracious service. These skills are taught in special institutes known as hospitality management schools. An example of such an institute is the Glion London School of Hospitality and Business.

In undergraduate hospitality management schools London, students are taught how to conduct marketing and sales activities. In addition to that, they are taught how to manage lodgings and resorts. They also learn how to manage hospitality processes in restaurants and hotels. The students learn these skills in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree programs. Examples of these include:

  1. BBA in Hospitality Management
  2. BBA in Event and Sport Management


BBA in Hospitality Management

This is a degree course that lasts for three and a half years. During the period of education, the students are instructed about the general activities that are conducted in hospitality management. If you want to become a manager, an entrepreneur or a senior executive, then this is the degree course to pursue. It lasts for 5 semesters and requires you to complete 2 internships in real-world environments.

BBA in Event and Sport Management

During the course of this degree program, the students learn about the sports and event industry. They get some deep insight into these fields. They also focus on how to turn entertainment into a commodity. There are some special skills that they develop while pursuing this degree course. These skills include:

  1. Leadership
  2. Solving problems
  3. Analyzing situations critically

In this degree course, the students are required to complete two internship exercises. In addition to that, they should complete an applied learning task. Once they graduate from this degree program, they are capable of being responsible for business processes in the hospitality sector.

There are many institutes across the world that have hospitality programs. It is important that one attends a professional one. Here is how to identify one.

Career guidance

A professional institute in this sector normally invites representatives of hospitality companies to the campus. These representatives mentor the students. They also recruit students and employ them by the time they graduate.

High global ranking

As is indicated above, there are many institutes that teach hospitality courses. Organizations such as TNS Global Research assess and rank these institutes. In the ranking results, high-quality institutes appear at the top of the list.

A multicultural environment

The experience of education is always better in a multicultural student body. An institute that has students from over 100 different countries definitely offers a good melting pot of culture. By studying and learning in such an environment, a student learns how to interact with people from various backgrounds and sharpens their interpersonal skills. They develop sensitivity to cultural, ethical, moral and environmental issues. This allows them to thrive in the real-world industry.


The hospitality industry is very wide. There are many disciplines within it. Students can master these at institutes of hospitality such as the Glion institute. High-quality education results in high-quality services.




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