Ideas to try out for an ethnic bridal shower for your bestie

Is your bestie set to tie the knot? Well, then you have a lot of planning to do now, first and foremost of which will be to throw her a bridal shower that she will cherish for the rest of her life!

Planning bridal showers are fun because you can always infuse elements of creativity in the execution. The more different it is the better, but while doing that you will also have to make sure that the basics have been taken care of properly. Well if you have decided on an ethnic themed bridal shower for your bestie, then here some ideas that you can use:

  1. First and foremost, you will have to ensure that the decor is perfectly in synch with the theme of the shower- it has to be ethnic on all accounts. You need to make sure that you use home decor items like painted vases, small figurines, etc. when it comes to making the decor interesting. Choose items really carefully which will be within the pre-planned budget.
  2. You can set a dress code for the shower, because admit it you want the pictures to be literally picture perfect and in lieu with the theme. Make sure that you specify that all the guests either wear sarees or salwar suits or lehengas. Since most of the bridal showers are arranged in the morning, ask your guests to wear bright colours since then you will have nice and bright pictures. Try to book a space for the shower which has a garden so that a small portion of the shower can be conducted outside or you can always plan an outdoor bridal shower for your bestie, depending on what she prefers.
  3. No bridal shower is ever complete without a ravishing and delicious cake! But you need to make sure that the cake is perfect and goes with the setting of the theme. Choose the flavour that your bestie likes the most and then talk to the bakers to ensure that they make the frosting in such a way that fits the ethnic theme. If you have a special quote that you want to say to your friend you can always have it iced on the cake. Then get in touch with send cake to Chandigarh service and have it delivered to the venue.
  4. Make an interesting and cool photo booth. Go for something which will give the wooden frame vibe and have your bestie and other guests pose like people in typical hand painted portraits like in the bygone days. This will surely make an interesting photo album!
  5. If you want to infuse a rustic element along with the ethnic theme, go for wooden crates and place some mason jars in them. Now fill them up with plants or flower bunch and place them in corners. This will surely be really beautiful in case of an outdoor or semi outdoor venue.

Now that you have such creative and colourful ideas to plan an ethnic themed bridal shower for your bestie, get started with the planning!

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