Foods contain high levels of choline

Choline is a very powerful nootropic. It is known as VIP among all the nootropics available. It has a unique property of upholding the best in other nootropics if used in a nootropic stack. Being a best brain booster it comes in the list of essential nutrient and must-have supplements.

It is essential to both brain and body. It is essential for an individual at every age and classed with B vitamin complex. It is a crucial to maintain good health. It is very effective in preventing and in the treatment of disorders like hepatitis, cancer, and asthma.

Both alone and when used with other supplements, it enhances cognitive function, focus and memory. Neurotransmitter acetylcholine is associated with overall cognition, learning abilities and memory. Choline is the precursor for acetylcholine. Since Choline has the ability to amplify the benefits of other nootropics, it has become an essential part of nootropic stack. Most popular and smart drug racetam is known work very effectively in combination with choline.

Choline is very effective in maintaining liver health. It is known as the first nutrient found for liver health. It can be found in small amounts in animal food sources and few plants sources. Usually a well balanced diet can provide enough amount of choline. The diet should include tofu, quiona, broccoli, soymilk and few animal products.

Earlier days some patients, for whom nutrition supplied directly into the bloodstream, for long period of time, started experiencing fatty livers. After discovering choline, they started including this in their diet to avoid the issue. Fatty livers became less by this method.

Choline can be found in food in different forms. It can be found as free choline, sphingomyelin, phosphocholine, lecithin, and glycerophoshocholine.


Foods with choline:

High levels of choline in these foods can be witnessed.

  • Seafood and meat are said to have high choline level
  • Chocolates and eggs.  Especially dried yolk of the egg is rich in choline
  • Milk and soya
  • People who want to get choline from their diet should add flax seeds, soy and nuts to their diet plan. 100 mg of choline can be found in three ounces of tofu.
  • Broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Vegetables, herbs and some spices. One cup of Brussels sprouts or broccoli can contain 60mg of choline. Three ounces of soy flour can contain 190mg of choline. 70 to 80 mg of choline can be found in three ounces of flax seeds. About 20mg of choline is found in 2 tablespoon of peanut butter. 80 mg of choline is found in 3 ounces of pistachio
  • 120 mg of choline is found in one large egg. 38 mg choline is found in 1 cup of skim milk. 1400 mg of choline found in 100 mg of dried egg yolk. So they are the best source found for one who is looking for choline in diet. 20 mg of choline can be found in 1.5 ounce of milk chocolate. Chocolate cake can contain 130 mg of cholin when served in 4 ounces. 115 mg of choline found in 100 grams of plain cocoa mix powder


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