Where to Find Nightlife in France when going on a holiday?

There’s quality adventure in France, whether in clubs, trendy bars, opera houses or party spots. But no matter where you go, do keep your eyes open. For more information, check out here the best parties France’s nightlife has to offer.


Nice offers plenty of hot nightclubs where you can dance at. There’s still plenty of life in the city’s nights. If you love a crowded dance floor, try Blue Boy Enterprise. This is a club with ceilings made completely of LED lights. You will listen to DJ mixes. Looking for a little place with a big sound to spend nightlife in Nice? Look no further than Wayne’s, one of the few unpretentious places in France. It will surely change your life with full entertainment. You can have a good time with your colleagues or your best friends.


Another authentic spots you should head to is the Big Ben, the most famous English pub in France. Big Ben offers something for everyone, from relaxed to friendly atmosphere. You can indulge in beers and decent wines. Enjoy a glass of excellent wine while listening to brilliant music. In addition, Big Ben serves up teas, coffees, and particularly a huge choice of cocktails.


Where else? Nice still has plenty of great little music bars and disco-bars including Akathor Pub, Shapko Bar, Cave Romagnan, Nomad Bar and Bar des Oiseaux. If you are considering renting a luxury car in Nice that can be found at gpluxurycarhire.com, make sure to rent the vehicle with a driver, as if you get drunk, you can’t drive the car itself. By this way, you will feel at ease and secure.


Paris is famous for its party scene you won’t want to miss. There are places to party past midnight all over town. Whether it’s a series of stylish bars, dance clubs or trendy pubs, there’s legitimate, quality adventure to be had in Paris. By way of illustration, you can go to Rosa Bonheur, with good drinks, good food, and dance music. For a more eclectic night out, Silencio is the right place for you. Offering up live music and DJs spinning tunes, you will have an unforgettable experience there.


Spend a night in the Theatre des Champs-Elysees. There’s almost no limit to the ways this Opera entertains you, which offers different types of concerts as world music with jazz, and world-class dance. However, if listening to music and dancing aren’t your thing, then a good drink might be right up your alley.


Head over “Les Pères Populaires” that is a lovely spot for a drink in Paris. Trendy bar with chic décor, soft lighting and a cozy space. You can expect friendly staff as well if you visit this place. The bar itself also has a good range of food options. Therefore, wherever you go, you’ll find the best bars and night clubs that France has to offer all over Paris.


Prepare yourself for a fantastic night out in Marseille! From late night bars to world-renowned clubs, Marseille is a great spot in the French Riviera. Enjoy after-dark excitement in Café de la Plage. This mesmerizing place serves sweet fruit cocktails with the hip surfer crowd.


Go to La Caravelle, one of the best bars in Marseille. It has something for everybody: superb beer, decent food, live jazz music and many more.


Don’t miss out “Le Trolleybus” that is home to three clubs, including Le Whiskybar, La suite and La Dame Noire Dancing. You can enjoy a fantastic variety of music almost any night of your holidays.

Enjoy a wide variety of music all night like pop, rock, soul, funk and electro.

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