Explore and shop in the top 5 markets of Jaipur

One of the top traveler destinations in the nation and part of the brilliant golden tourism triangle of India, the ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur is a sheer joy to visit. Aside from the host of spots to see and things to do, the city is likewise unfathomably rich in the shopping scene mostly inferable from its rich and dynamic society.

Jaipur is known surely well known for alot of things, and shopping is one of them. Street shopping in Jaipur is fun as you discover all the exceptional bits of Rajasthani attire and other things which are a part of the Rajasthani way of life. Catching the Jaipur to Delhi flights is one of the fastest way in and out of the city, however trains and bus run regularly too and it takes about 5 hours for train and 7 hours for buses. Mentioned below are a portion of some of the best street markets in Jaipur.

Nehru Bazaar

Nehru Bazaar

Despite the way that you can find some fabulous articles of clothing and materials in Nehru Bazaar, the central interest of Nehru Bazaar is the standard jootis, which looks fiery with a multi-shaded setup. Each one of them looks luring, in any case, surety to arrangement well before you buy an unassuming pack!

Mirza Ismail Road (M.I. Street)

Pottery in Jaipur is considered unnecessarily essential – And you’re sure to start to look all starry peered toward at the ceramic works the moment your look falls on them! Visit M.I. street — the most exuberant of the shopping places in Jaipur — to hunt down pottery work, which Rajput rulers used to generally to adorn their palaces and get yourself some too to decorate your own house.



Kishanpole is best known for items which can be obtained at extremely sensible very reasonable rates. It is moreover one of the best places to visit in Jaipur for shopping as Kishanpole Bazaar is home to various skilled craftsmen renowned for their stand-out wooden carvings.

Tripolia Bazaar

Tripolia Bazaar

Tripolia Bazaar is known for its lac pearls and the astounding collections of bangles. It is the best shopping district is Jaipur. Hunt down the materials in Tripolia Bazaar. Parade the standard Bandhani tie and shading fabrics with rich weavings are furthermore open here. Furthermore, you can buy originator floor covers, metal items and other standard items.

Bapu Bazaar (Old Jaipur)


The best place to visit in Jaipur for shopping, Bapu Bazaar is the one place where you can pretty much buy anything at a very cheap and reasonable price. This bazaar rises at the moderate expenses of things like materials and Jootis. Here you can value the interest of road shopping in Jaipur.

A portion of the bazaars mentioned above are situated in the older part of the city, likewise called ‘Old Jaipur’. This is the spot you will really get the opportunity to witness what it resemble to remain in the city in the midst of the ‘Pink City’.

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