Detailed Study of Public Cloud Hosting UK

Cloud technology is being preferred as a hosting platform by most of the businesses across the world.  More and more companies are moving to the public cloud hosting UK services for their hosting needs. They find the flexibility of the cloud suitable to their business. Cloud computing is available in the three models of public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. In the public cloud the service providers make the IT resources available to both individuals and organizations over the internet.

public cloud hosting in UKHow is public cloud different from private cloud?

In a private cloud the cloud infrastructure is exclusively allocated to one single user. The service provider creates a ring fence across the dedicated pool of resources creating a private cloud platform. The public cloud hosting UK provider offers the collected pool of resources from third party providers and offers it to multiple consumers under a shared network like the internet.

What are the features of public cloud?

Cost Effective:

Public cloud hosting UK provider services are much cheaper than the dedicated server in the traditional form of hosting. The servers and hardware infrastructure in the public cloud are housed away from the business premises and the consumers are allowed to draw as much resources as they require. It is an inexpensive form of hosting for the clients as the expenses on bandwidth costs, hardware and other applications are all undertaken by the service provider. The providers charge the customers using the pay-as-you-use model. Even small businesses and start-ups have found this payment structure very feasible and are considering making their hosting debut through the public cloud.


Yet another feature of the public cloud hosting UK provider that has found favor with the clients is that of scalability. The clients can draw resources as much as they want whenever required. Unlike in the traditional form of hosting they need not buy resources they do not require and thus there is no wastage of resources.

Reliable and Continuous Availability:

The cloud is a cluster of virtual servers. They have the capability of ensuring that the businesses continue to run even at times of server failures and physical disasters. Hosting service providers make use of the public cloud to store the backups at some remote locations. This safeguards the client’s data even at times when the servers in the primary data centres fail or a natural disaster destroys the infrastructure, Business continuity is assured even at such times. Some of the public cloud hosting UK providers also ensures business continuity through duplicating or copying the data through the servers in the cloud and integrating it to the server in the premises. In case one of the components fails resources are drawn from the other servers in the cluster available on the public cloud.

Additional benefits:

There are still many more beneficial features with the public cloud hosting UK services. The public cloud is widely used in platforms like mail services and social media sites. The services are accessible from any internet connected device and any part of the globe. It has been very beneficial for the small businesses that are growing and have fluctuating resource requirements. They may need more resources at certain times while catering to some special projects. They can pull the required resources as much as they want. The provider offers the load balancers to scale the resource instantly to meets the requirements of the website.

Most of the cloud services are available through the public cloud hosting UK platform.  

Platform as a Service (PaaS): Users can create and run web applications at the common platform and does not require them to maintain expensive in house infrastructure.

Software as a service (SaaS): The service provider provides software applications and makes it available to the customers through internet.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): IaaS is a type of cloud computing wherein virtualized computing resources like hardware and software and other components are housed by a third party for the customers to use what they require via the internet.

There are many economical cloud hosting UK providers that are around offering excellent services with no compromise on quality and support. They offer scalable, flexible, reliable and affordable hosting services while ensuring high level security and backup facilities at the data centres.

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