Choosing the best laser tattoo removal in London

Despite the growth in popularity of tattoos in recent years, people still occasionally wish they hadn’t had them, or much worse, would like them removed. Whilst it’s possible to ‘cover-up’ the tattoo with another tattoo, recent technological advances in laser tattoo removal have become a steadily more popular option.

Rather than cover-up a tattoo, why not choose a safer, more effective solution such as London laser tattoo removal?

If you’re one of the 5-10% of the UK population with a tattoo, are close to London or the South East, and you’re considering its removal, here’s a guide how to choose the best laser tattoo removal.

Of course, the tips work for choosing the best laser tattoo removal in other places than London too 😉


Why use laser tattoo removal?

Of all the remedial measures one can take regarding unwanted tattoos, laser tattoo removal is by far the safest, most effective and most popular option available today.

Using non-invasive technology – based on the theory of photothermolysis – a tattoo can be removed in a handful of treatments by laser. The aim of laser tattoo removal is to stimulate the body to remove the pigment (left on the body by the tattoo ink) naturally by encouraging the laser light to penetrate the particles of collagen and ink.

Laser tattoo removal neither cuts nor burns the tattoo off the skin, in fact any removal of ink or collagen is done naturally by the body naturally breaking them down following stimulation by laser.

How to choose the best laser tattoo removal in London

When you are looking to choose the best laser tattoo removal in London, look for the following :-


As with any popular business niche and growing market, there’s often ‘rogue traders’ – and laser tattoo removal is no different.

Be wary of untrained staff, unregulated premises and poor reputation. Whilst it may be tempting to try that beauty therapist that does a great job on your nails, stick to the specialists and you won’t regret it.

Look for a laser tattoo removal specialist, one that doesn’t do any other business and has a thriving reputation (online and in person). Check google, beauty forums, review sites and even call them (or visit them) and ask for testimonials or referrals.


Be extremely wary of low-price tattoo removal providers. Know what the market rate is, and always contact several providers to ensure you are aware of what average prices are.

Ideally, avoid going ‘too cheap’ or even ’too expensive’ by finding a laser tattoo removal provider in London that publishes clear prices. If needs be, visit them first for a quotation so they can accurately view the work.

If you can’t visit them to show the tattoo beforehand, considering photographing it and sending accurate measurements (hold a ruler alongside the tattoo whilst photographing) by email.


It’s highly likely that the best laser tattoo removal providers will offer a consultation, often either free or paid (with a rebate should you proceed with a removal).

This is a good sign of competence and professionalism, so tend to stay away from a laser tattoo removal provider that will only take a booking to start work without a consultation. It’s highly likely you may regret undertaking any removal without a prior consultation almost as much as your tattoo, should it go wrong.


Laser tattoo removal in London is not just a once-only visit, and it could take up to twenty visits before the tattoo can be considered removed.

By choosing a laser tattoo removal provider in London with an excellent reputation, you’ll increase your chances of a pain-free, successful removal as they will provide the highest standards of ongoing after-care and support during the process.

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