Affordable and Reliable Plans of VPS Server Hosting in NZ

VPS server hosting comes a platform that combines the best features of a dedicated server while sharing the resources like in a shared server and keeping it affordable and suitable for businesses of all sizes. VPS hosting involves a physical server being partitioned into several smaller virtual servers and each of them functioning as an independent server. VPS server hosting in NZ is very popular among the small businesses looking for flexible and affordable plans with the best of features that enables them to grow with ease. Businesses find the shared hosting a bit crumpled for smooth sailing but are not yet prepared for the dedicated server for many reasons including the higher costs.

VPS server hosting in NZ offers root access and complete control to the server. Clients can configure the server to suit their business needs. They have the liberty to install their own software that is needed by their website. Resources can be added with the click of a button without waiting for the host to come. In the case of dedicated server resources have to be physically added and this takes at least a few hours.

Features of VPS hosting:

There are still many considerable features that VPS server hosting in NZ offer. These include:

  • VPS is scalable. Clients can increase the resources as and when they want. This feature is ideal for developing businesses that may require more space to manage high traffic at peak times
  • VPS is cost-effective. Small businesses can start with minimum resources and keep adding more as and when the need arises to meet their business requirements. Customers need not buy the resources in advance and leave them unutilized wasting the resources like in the case of a dedicated server.
  • VPS is reliable. In the event of failure of one of the servers, resources are automatically drawn from the other servers on the network.
  • VPS users are independent. Clients are not affected even if a neighbouring website draws more resources at their peak business times.


 VPS server Plans:

VPS server hosting in NZ generally comes as unmanaged services as it allows the clients to install their own software. This requires the clients to be technically sound to manage the servers on their own. The host does extend support at request but then the clients will need to pay additional costs for the services.  The hosts also offer fully managed plans where they take complete responsibility of the server maintenance and management. They provide updates to the operating system, software upgrades, security patches, data backup and recovery solutions and total dedicated technical support which free the clients from server issues and allow them to focus on their core business.

Operating system:

VPS server hosting in NZ is available in both Windows and Linux operating systems. The features in both are similar although Linux users get the cPanel control panel while Windows users get the Plesk control panel. Linux VPS hosting in NZ being open source is more popular and has more users than the Windows. It is also more affordable than Windows. The latter is a commercial product owned by Microsoft and carries a license fee. Linux is compatible with programs like PHP, python, CGI, Perl etc. Windows OS comes with the popular and easy to use GUI interface. It is also mandatory for websites to use the Windows OS if they run on technologies like ASP.NET, Microsoft Access, MSSQL etc. Linux is said to be more stable and does not require frequent reboots as and when any updates are made unlike the Windows servers.

VPS server hosting in NZ is most suitable for website developers, web hosting providers, SaaS providers and office servers that can grow as their business develops. With the host providing round the clock support over phone, mail or chat, it becomes very easy for the clients although they are expected to be familiar with the running of the servers.

VPS server hosting in NZ is affordable. Even though it is more expensive than shared hosting it takes away all the limitations that hamper the growth but is lesser priced than the dedicated server while matching its features.  It removes the fear of server crashing due to high traffic at peak times with its scalability features that is lacking in a shared environment.

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