3 Types of Gorgeous & Functional Racks for Adorning Your Wine Cellar

Do you own a wine cellar or thinking of creating one? Well, then I must say that it is a great way of not only storing your exotic collection of this delicious beverage but it also helps in increasing the overall value of your property. But yes, while creating or upgrading the wine cellar, you must invest in some quality furniture. One of the most functional and stylish furniture in a cellar is wine racks. It is a great way of displaying the collection apart from making sure that the wines are in good condition.

Now, if you take some time out and search online, you will see that there are many companies selling various kinds of wine cellar racks. You might get a little overwhelmed by the variation, but you should do enough research work so that you can buy the one that will complement the rest of the décor as well as serve the purpose.

Here, I have mentioned some of the most popular types of wine cellar racks. Take a look at the following.

Metal wine cellar racks – Available in a variety of designs, metal wine racks are great for contemporary interiors. They are classy and are great for storing the wine bottles. If you are thinking about the cost, let me tell you that there are many companies that customize the wine cellar racks according to your budget. Metal racks are good for short-term as well as long-term storage of wine bottles. The wines will retain their crisp taste and flavor in them while enhancing the beauty of your cellar room to a huge extent.

Wooden wine racks – Popular among most of the customers, wooden wine racks perfectly complement a traditional or vintage-inspired interior. The wooden ones are mainly made of premium hardwoods like fir, pine, mahogany, red oak, cedar, etc. If you are confused which one to choose, then read on.

  • Mahogany – For me, this is the best one if you are opting for wooden racks. Mahogany is a hardwood and hence, it is the first choice among both customers as well furniture makers. They do not warp, swell or suffer due to high level of humidity. They are extremely resistant to temperature and hence, most of the manufacturers or contractors opt for this one when the wine cellar is equipped with climate control systems. You can apply stains and lacquers on this particular type of wooden racks, but make sure you only choose the water based ones. The chemical based ones might harm the taste and quality of the liquor.

  • Pine – This is another popular choice because of its beautiful aroma and reasonable price. If you do not want to spend a lot of money yet opt for wooden racks, then pine racks should be your choice. This can be stained as well so that it can match the décor of your cellar. But keep in mind that you cannot opt for pine wood furniture if you are planning to install a climate control system for your cellar.

  • Redwood – Another beautiful wood you can choose for creating the racks is redwood. The beautiful texture will surely blow your mind. There are mainly two types of redwood – all heart redwood and premium redwood. You cannot stain any of them, and trust me, you wouldn’t want to as well. They are extremely resistant to humidity fluctuation.

Wrought iron racks – If metal and wooden ones fail to impress you, then you can go for the wrought iron ones. Known for their elegance and sleek designs, wrought iron is one such material that can go with any kind of interior. The wall mounted ones are available in various kinds of finishes like brushed gold, traditional black, etc. So don’t forget to research well before buying.

So, these were the three kinds of gorgeous yet functional racks for displaying your bottles of delicious beverages. Don’t delay anymore and contact a good manufacturer for buying wrought iron, wooden or metal wine racks.

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